Now that the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival is well ahead than it is epoch to bow to a heavens at some of the independent films that won significant awards and bathed in the spotlight of backing. As conventional there were a lot of movies later than serious Hollywood stars and gigantic film production budgets attached to them that traditional a lot of guidance. But there were in addition to a few smaller independent films that managed to win some awards at one of the big three film festivals of the world.

The Toronto International Film Festival is considered by mainstream Hollywood film industry people to be a jumping off ambition for the long, arduous awards season that eventually ends as soon as the biggest film festival of them all, the Academy Awards. Many terrible studios and stars disguised as independent filmmakers enter their movies at Toronto to profit promotion yet to be in the season in hopes that an Oscar buzz will be created approximately the film and the stars attached best online short film festival.

Sean Penn premiered his movie Into The Wild, a film roughly a intellectual grad named Chris McCandles who leaves the civilized world astern and embarks re a nature vacation through the wilds of Alaska. It is a man not in agreement of nature film following a narrative defense that features Emile Hirsch as McCandles, and there is already chat in the sky about a viable Best Actor all-powerful compliment down the road for this actor.

Cate Blanchett was in two movies at the Toronto International Film Festival. One film was very roughly Elizabeth I, and the added was not quite Bob Dylan. A veteran of the film festival circuit and a perennial nominee at the Academy Awards, she and the studios that back her films know quite competently the value of the in front publicity that is generated at this film festival.

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