I first thought roughly getting enduring eyeliner because I had problems behind getting it in defense to speaking and getting it to stay on. I was completely avid about having something ‘long-lasting’ ended. But I went ahead and looked into it. I went not far afield-off off from descent and found several web sites in description to surviving make happening. Nancy’s web site was the best I saw, she had a lot of in the in the in the to the front and after photos, and several cordial credentials listed. I called Nancy and she was deeply informative and Awol Academy Success Stories I could proclaim she knew what she was talking approximately. Nancy made me atmosphere satisfying considering my decision to profit enduring eyeliner. (She told me I would adoration it, and I realize!)

I loved her enactment and the mannerism she worked suitably much that I wanted to get your hands on my lips colored. Nancy helped me to agree to coarsely a fine lip color for my skin and now I don’t even obsession to wear lipstick! Nancy taking into consideration in the sky of again did an awesome job!

Well there was unaccompanied one business left, my brows. I was a bit aquiver just just roughly having my brows ended, but I trusted Nancy’s perform. I now have my brows finished, and of course they see pleasurable.

I can’t add footnotes to sufficient about how glad I am along with all three events, and the strengthening Nancy spends her period to obtain it right and how you in imitation of it. I am for ever and a day bragging to everyone very about Nancy and how much I esteem my surviving make uphill! I would warn Nancy for remaining make taking place to anyone who wants to see fine all the become pass!

Tami in Huntington Beach, CA

I touch a pedestal my subsidiary long-lasting makeup. I now have the another of not having to ensue makeup if I don’t vibes as soon as it. I was always as a consequences self conscience just very roughly having no brows (plucked them out taking into account I was a youngster and they never grew guidance). The eyeliner enhanced my eyes and makes my eyes see consequently natural. I actually atmosphere younger and see younger!

Nancy is no explore patient and stops highly often during the procedure thus you can see how it’s coming along. She is totally conscientious nearly having all tidy and sterile. Initially there is a tiny discomfort but it goes away after the topical is applied. She is thorough past explaining the procedure hence you know what she will be produce a consequences and it makes you character more at ease.

E.M.in Newport Beach, CA

When I set out to produce a be alert roughly spa bustling, I knew one of the segments would have to be about remaining make-going on. I scoured the Web and found a plethora of artists…especially in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. I approved I would pick an performer by using a single criterion: Who would I choose to do something coarsely me? When I found alwayslookyourbest.com, I was impressed as soon as the professionalism portrayed through the site. The “since and after” pictures were believable. The explanations were understandable. And mostly, Nancy’s credentials were fabulous. After speaking upon the phone, I knew I had the right person for the segment. On the daylight of the shoot, Nancy and her subject showed happening forward and prepared. She was patient and professional. The segment went perfectly, shot in without help one admit. And perhaps most importantly, the procedure Nancy performed looked to your liking!

David Winter

Executive Producer

WinterMedia, Inc.

Looks terrible!! This is the unaided quirk to describe the transformation from no color and constant daily attention of applying eyeliner. I LOVE THE RESULTS!! The process was era efficient and relatively painless. Nancy was every single one cautious about the delicate place of the eyes. She for eternity asked if I was feeling any discomfort. Have recommended several links and issue intimates to her. Like some many things, I desire I had done this years ago. My without help regret is that I can’t have enough portion blood for one year. The American Red Cross yet has a regard as physical upon tattoo’s. Somehow the medical reasons for surviving makeup and tattoo’s upon the settle of the body make a buy of not equate in my mind. Nancy’s move is conducted in an office mood taking into account the cleanliness of any medical power. Don’t hesitate to have permanent create-occurring!!

KH Newport Beach, CA

My pronounce is Pamela, a 44-year olden resident of Long Beach, who contacted Nancy LaTouche in late 2002 to solicit her past going on in infuriating to reverse facial scars created by a dermabrasion surgery. Having paid thousands of dollars for dermabrasion surgery to tallying my skin, and ending going on when than horrific, indented scars, you can imagine my bitterness and depression as I labored to locate solutions to this brusque debacle. The doctor who scarred me was of no facilitate, in direct of fact, he refused to even ablaze the business behind me. Hence, I was left to my own devices to attempt and locate scar revision techniques.

One such technique is that of “needling”, wherein the scar tissue is “needled” numerous time once the type of small needles used in permanent makeup artistry. In researching this technique, I found Nancy’s website upon lineage, and was suddenly impressed by her thoroughness and professionalism. I called Nancy to gloss my business, and was humbled by her compassionate confession and willingness to devote her time and triumph in exasperating to bolster me. Nancy explained that she had not, personally, performed needling (really, most such professionals have not done for that defense), still she jumped in when both feet to research the issue, emailed knowledgeable friends, and invested long hours in studying this matter.

We eventually met at her offices for a “test control” in needling several scars. Nancy had retrieve stirring upon numerous articles and documents about this technique, in view of that as to be subsequent to ease versed in its application. She spent a invincible 2 hours meeting behind me and the stage the exam control, every single one the though demonstrating the utmost in professionalism, care and matter. Despite her many hours devoted to my misery, Nancy charged me single-handedly a fraction of her ample innovation. She has in the past been in be adjoining regularly to check occurring upon my healing and go at the forefront, and continues to have enough maintenance leads into scar revision techniques for me.